Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tulle Embellished Shirt

I love Target V-Necks!
I could have one in every color they sell!
But I like to add a 'lil somethin'
on them so I can wear it out on a date
and feel like I'm spruced up a bit.
Today, I took some tulle in light pink and brown.
I cute large and small circle (about 30 in all).
Then, I hand sewed them in the center of the tulle
to the V-Neck.
I layered them so I could see dimension and
have it resemble a flower.
Next, I took an old bead bracelet,
and hand sewed the beads in the middle of the flower,
and added some below the flower for some extra bling.

Then I was done!
It took about 30 minutes
and was super cheap.
The key is taking old T-shirts and adding some bling
so you don't have to buy a new one...
that's what upcycling is!
I like it a LOT!

Happy Crafting, Ladies!


Tracy said...

to flippin cute! I love it. I cannot wait to do that. I am working on modifing some of my pants to skirts right now.

Aubree said...

So very cute! I love it!!

Allie said...

So cute!
You should come link it up to my Making It party!

Kelley said...

very cute... I just saw a t-shirt in a magazine with tulle embellishment and it was like $70 or something... you did a wonderful job!

Mandy's Creative Corner said...

How adorable! I love how simple it is! Thanks for the inspiration! Dropping by from Market Yourself Monday