Friday, October 23, 2009

A little known fact about us...

As some of you know, my little Simon was diagnosed with severe food allergies when he was 15mos old. Simon has a long baby medical history with gastrointestinal issues that I won't go into, but it is quite a testimony for a little guy. Anyway... he has been on a gluten-free, wheat, dairy, corn, casein, whey, and so on FREE diet ever since. Once we found out was was causing him pain and severe acid reflux, we nipped it in the bud and got him on this special diet. Long story short...he is the healthiest litte dude around! No candy, soda, heavy sugars, and lots more...But he is not deprived at all! There are tons of food companies that sell great products that satisfy sweet-tooths and more.
I found this great book on food allergies and a kid's gluten-free diet at the library. It is the coolest book ever (for little Simon)! It talks about what happens, what you can eat, the good that comes from it, the difficulties with being "different," and even how friends are so understanding, and how it's actually kind of cool to be different. He LOVED it! He wanted me to read it over and over again! He knows he is loved, that he's being taken care of, that he gets to have cookies like everyone else, and that although he's different, that is how God made him and...his story isn't over yet! He may possibly grow out of these food allergies. He may possibly be fine, just like the other kids. But for now...Simon is perfect! And he is Loved! And he is ours! Thank you, Lord!

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Misty Sedehi said...

What an awesome book for Simon!!! And yes, he is a perfect little guy and VERY loved :)