Saturday, October 3, 2009

A Day of Firsts...

Today was Simon's very first Team experience ever! He started soccer through the YMCA (very non-competitive), and really ended up loving it. Trying "new" things has always been hard for little guy, but we saw huge growth from the sreaming fit to put his uniform on when we first got there, to the end when he didn't want to leave! It's so great to see him growing up! Then...we went bowling (as a reward) for the first time!!! I know...I planned both on purpose- what was I thinking??! No really, it was the best day as a fam and we were blessed to be together, especially during a busy season in our lives. There's always work to do at home with a hubby as a teacher, but sometimes you gotta set it aside and be together! Precious, special memories...and more to come!

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